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A List of Common Questions For Your Information

What types of children’s activities do you offer?

We have family-friendly events all year long. In the spring we have an Easter Egg hunt, in the summer we have a Fourth of July event planned and the Bluegrass Festival is always a hit. For Halloween, we organize a trunk or treat in Wilkowski Park. We have a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the first Thursday after Thanksgiving where kids can meet Santa. These events are in addition to the community service work we offer including donations of dictionaries and thesauruses for school children, school supplies for kids, classroom supplies for teachers, and clothing for kids.

How can I volunteer at We Love Rainier, WA?

We Love Rainier, Wa meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Rainier Senior Center. The Board meets at 5:30 with the general meeting directly after at 6:30. We have lots of volunteer opportunities depending on your interests, skills, or availability. As a 501(c)3 we are also able to offer credit for high school students.

Are there any events planned for this holiday season?

We have 2024 events planned for Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas.

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